Food Wholesalers for Education Establishments

Feeding our future


Crowndale Food Services have been the proud food wholesalers for schools and education establishments in Leicester and Loughborough for over 10 years. As a local business, we place the highest importance in supporting local education establishments too. We are proud of our long-standing relationships with Leicester and Loughborough University and numerous local colleges, high schools, and primary schools.


We are responsible food wholesalers in Leicester, which is why we work closely with schools and colleges because we understand the demands of catering for the education sector. Changing regulations, dietary requirements, and allergies and intolerances all need to be provided for with careful adherence to budget and time constraints. With so many aspects to juggle, we want to help catering managers and dinner staffs continue to provide high-quality and nutritious meals.


We provide an extensive range of food and drink products that are compliant with multicultural schools and government regulations, so every establishment can create budget-friendly and healthy meal concepts. We provide juices and drinks, cold and cooked meats, fruit and vegetables, dry foods, and all manner of seasonings and mixes


Your Inclusive Food Wholesalers

Diets are becoming increasingly varied, and we always endeavour to create inclusive snack and meal products. We recognise the need for vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, allergen-friendly, and Halal products. We work hard to make sure our catering products accommodate many different dietary requirements and needs.


If you are a catering manager for a school, college, or education centre and are looking for reliable food wholesalers in Leicester and Loughborough, then choose the professionals at Crowndale Food Services. Our experienced team members will work with you to give you bespoke menu concepts and product ideas with the right products at the right price.


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