Feeding our future..


Over the past 10 years we have built up a strong customer base in the education sector, with long standing relationships with Leicester and Loughborough University and with many local colleges, high schools and primary schools.

We work closely with our schools and colleges so we can understand the challenges faced by catering mangers and dinner staff, with changing regulations, using certain products, and having strict budgets. We understand the need for school food solutions that save time, money and resources but that also keep the consistency of  high quality meals that comply with the Government regulations. That’s why we provide an extensive range for education, with school compliant drinks and food products that can create healthy, quality, budget meal concepts.

If you are a Catering Manager at a school, college or higher education, we have experience sales staff in working with people like yourselves to give you a bespoke service where we can offer menu concepts and product ideas but mainly to provide you with the right products at the right price with the right service.