Care and residential

Provide for those who once provided for us..


As we get older eating well plays a very important part in staying fit, healthy and happy. We understand that providing a menu for 3 meals a day 7 days a week  for different acquired tastes and preferences is very challenging, which is why we can work with you in providing you with the variety and variation of quality products for your weekly menu cycles.

We have found that traditional British meals are still very popular with the older generation and we have the ingredients you need to create your dishes, from shepherds pie to homemade faggots and gravy we have the products available to fit your menu. As well as providing traditional menu concepts we can also work with you on ethnic menus or recipes from around the world to help you create familiarised meals that are well-balanced but also tasty will keep you residents happy and ensure there wellbeing.

As our population are living longer there are more and more people seeking the need for a residential or nursing home. Being a local company we can deliver to your doorstep daily as we know storage space can be an issue for some kitchens. Please give us a call as we can offer you bespoke and friendly service to suit you.