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Café Culture


If you are a local cafe, a high street coffee shop, or an in house canteen, or looking at starting one of these businesses, Crowndale have all the products you need!

With the market trends changing and the quality of food improving continuously, we are constantly sourcing new and innovative products to put on your menus. If there’s a product you need sourcing, we can do that for you.

Crowndale Foods understand how important the traditional full English Breakfast is to the our population, which is why we provide the finest sausages and bacon, and also the markets best products to accompany them. Keeping the 200 year old Great British traditional meal alive and well, out of the all of the thousands of products we supply, the produce to create the perfect English breakfast is where we excel.

The stereotype of the British drinking tea in out of china teacups are now days of the past as the European coffee drinking culture is sweeping the nation. With the fast growing coffee café culture comes food menus that include the grab and go for people of the move, or for a sit down breakfast or lunch. Crowndale can supply all the products you need from patisserie to the coffee beans itself.

For all in house canteens providing meals for the hungry workers, we have just what you need for breakfasts, snacks, lunch, drinks, dinner, grab and go sandwiches, you name it, we have got it for your menus.