Back to our roots…..


Crowndale Foods started out with the companies director John Boulger supplying local Leicester villages butcher shops with fresh bacon, sausages, cooked meats and pies. After 30 years of supplying butchers and Johns experience as a butcher before Crowndale, you could say its what we know best!

The daily struggle that local butchers face with the supermarkets chains doing everything they can in competition, including low prices, home delivery services and wide variety of products, with butchers being the root of our business, Crowndale want to help keep our countries village butcher tradition alive with full support to keep your business booming. We can help you buy introducing new products to your shop counter and work with you to source products you want on your counter. We have continental deli meats, freshly cooked pies and pasties, a range and of pork pies and much more.

Give us a call as we are keen to do business with any butcher shop or catering butchers in the county.